There are crazy pensions, and then there’s THIS

Oregon pension lunacy

I’m all for paying pensions, but there is no excuse for anyone to receive a 76K pension.  Oregon is going through some serious financial problems, and they are long overdue for reform.

Cuomo Tilts further to the left – how is that possible?

Cuomo gives parolees the right to vote

As expected, Cuomo is tilting further to the left to appease the radical left and neutralize Cynthia Nixon.  In the interim, he’s watering down everyone else’s votes.  Who’d a thunk it?

Threaten the President? Get a vacation?

Liberal Thinking At Work

So you threaten the President, and the school you work for offers you PAID leave?  This does not make sense to me.  If this was Obama, the Secret Service would investigate, and there would be open calls for your university to fire the Tweeter.

Citibank stupidity, take two

I don’t understand the gall of these companies.  Folks buy stocks to earn money on returns, not to act as conduits for social change.  I put my money in,  I take my money out.  Please don’t preach to me while you’re making money on my deposits.


Jacksonville City inspector suspended after citing business owner for flying military flags

Once again, shouting down patriots for peaceful displays of pride is a bad idea.  This woman tried to give a shop owner “the business” for flying flags on the roof, and was rude about it.  The video went viral and she was suspended.  Sometimes the system does work.